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Let's see how we can turn daily use things into game items to play and have fun with:

Use paper cups instead of cones or pins.

Use socks or scarves instead handkerchiefs.

Turn paper plates into Frisbees.

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To play basket ball, use any ball. You may even make your own ball by stuffing a sweatshirt or a sweater into shirt shaping it like a ball. Video 9

Make a straw out of a sheet of paper rolled into a tube and fixed with scotch tape. Video 11

A fun alternative to a ping-pong ball can be obtained by rolling a table napkin into a ball. Video 10

Make a balloon out by blowing air into a freezer bag and tying a knot.  Videos 12


Make your own mask.

(Remember, this is a homemade protection device, not to be assimilated to a certified device)