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B – Simple dexterity games with objects, keeping in mind that the first three serve as recovery exercises to be performed between other series of exercises:

Use a plastic straw to blow into a glass "full of water" and make bubbles for 30 seconds. 3 times with a 2-minute interval).  Video 33

Use a plastic straw to blow into a glass "full of water and a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap" and make bubbles for 30 seconds (do it in the bathroom or kitchen sink, repeat 3 times with a 2 minute interval). Video 34

Place a plastic glass on the table: "blow" slowly to make it move forward, trying not to tip it. For as long as you like.  Video 35

Squeeze a tennis ball with one hand (then the other) and then drop it (5-6 times per hand).  Video 36

Hold a napkin in your hand, drop it and try catching it back without dropping it (with one hand or two hands) 6-8 times per hand. Also try with a small ball like a tennis ball.  Video 37

TThrow a tennis ball up (not too high) with one hand and try to catch it back (with the same hand or the other), then clapping your hands (1, 2, 3 times); also try with a ball. (30 seconds). Video 38

Place containers or pillows on the ground (at different distances): Throw a tennis ball/ping-pong/freesby and try to hit the targets (different scores according to distance).  Video 39

While standing, keep an inflated balloon balanced on your head, on your knees (first right then left), on your feet (first right then left). Also try sitting down. For as long as you like. Video 40

While lying on your back, keep an inflated balloon balanced on your hands (first right then left palm and back), on your knees (right and left), on your feet (right and left). For as long as you like. Video 41

Dribble the inflated balloon with your feet (right and left) and count the number of dribbles or the duration. Video 42

With a plastic glass in your right hand and a ping-pong ball in the left: throw the ball up and try to get it into the glass. Repeat by reversing your hands. For as long as you like. Video 43

With two plastic cups in hand, each containing a ping-pong ball, throw the balls towards the ceiling together and try them to catch them back in their glasses; also try to catch them into the opposite glasses. For as long as you like. Video 44

Squeeze a ball as hard as you can with the fingertips of both hands, then drop it: repeat 5-6 times. Video 45

Try spinning a ball on the index finger of the hand of your choice. For as long as you can. Video 46

Standing with legs apart, bend to pass the ball between and around the legs in an 8 motion, one direction then reverse. Better if done to the rhythm of music (in the background).  Video 47

Standing with one arm outstretched, ball in the other hand under the outstretched arm, throw the ball over the arm and catch it, repeat inverting the arm. (6-8 times per hand).  Video 48

Standing, arms outstretched and parallel, rest the ball on the back of your hands and playing with the tilt of your arms roll the ball back and forth. For as long as you like. Video 49

Standing, arms outstretched, ball in one hands, throw the ball over your head and catch you’re the other hand. Repeat 6-8 times.  Video 50