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Play 7-8 minutes 2 times a day (in the morning just awake and before bed), maybe using music in the background and, why not, involving your parents and maybe your grandparents to whom a bit of motor activity will certainly benefit:

With arms outstretched forward, "open and close" your fists with energy (repeat 10-12 times). Video 1

"Rotate" slowly il capo a dx and sx (4-5 volte).  Video 2

"Flex" slowly the head back and forth (slowly): 4-5 times.  Video 3

"Rotate" slowly the head around the chest, shoulders and back: 2-3 times clockwise and 2-3 times counterclockwise.  Video 4

With arms outstretched, "open and close" your fists with energy (repeat 10-12 times).  Video 5

"Circumdurre" slowly forward and backward an arm (dx, then left or vice versa, repeat 5-6 times); then both (repeat 5-6 times).  Video 6

On the spot: "flex" the torso forward and move your arms, imagining swimming in "freestyle" or "back".  Video 7

With arms stretched down, along the hips, "open and close" the fists with energy (repeat 10-12 times).  Video 8

Games to do on the Latvian parents (I recommend, assist!):

  1. "Roll" on the Latvian (back and forth).

  2. "Salting" on the Latvian, trying not to lose your balance.

  3. Do the "upside down" on the Latvian (back and forth): it is important that the head is flexed forward and the chin resting on the chest.

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