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Do this 7-8 minutes routine twice a day (after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night). Use background music if you like. Try inviting your parents or even your grandparents to join and have fun while working out:

Keep your arms stretched out, and quickly "open and close" your fists (10-12 times). Video 1

Slowly twist your head right and left (4-5 times).  Video 2

Bend your head forward and backwards slowly (4-5 times).  Video 3

Slowly rotate your head around your chest, shoulders and back: 2-3 times clockwise and 2-3 times counterclockwise. Video 4

Keep your arms outstretched, "open and close" your fists energetically (10-12 times).   Video 5

 Slowly rotate your right arm forward and backwards 5-6 times; then repeat with your left arm (5-6 times). Video 6

With your feet firmly on the ground, bend forward and move your arms, performing front crawl or back strokes as if your were swimming.  Video 7

With your arms stretched downwards, along your body, "open and close" your fists energetically (10-12 times). Video 8

Exercises to do on your parents’ bed (with your parents!):

  1. Roll sideways from one side to the next of the bed.

  2. Jump on the bed, trying not to lose your balance.

  3. Roll frontward and backwards (back and forth): be careful to keep your head flexed forward with your chin on your chest.