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A - Simple coordination, posture and balance exercises:

Standing on one leg, drop a napkin (or a sock) to the ground: bend down slowly, pick the napkin up then stand back up while keeping your balance.  Repeat 2-3 times (without losing your balance) then change leg. Video 13

Stand up and while keeping your hands in the air without touching the ground, kneel down, then sit and finally lie flat on your back or your stomach. (2-3 times). Video 14

While standing on one foot, bend your leg up and down: 5-6 times for each leg. Video 15

On both feet bend your legs down and up: repeat 8-10 times. Video 16

Walk a straight line without losing your balance. Repeat backwards. Video 17

The same with your eyes closed: walk a straight line with your eyes closed, open your eyes to check then repeat backwards. Video 18

Place your hands against the wall and push "as if to try to move it": repeat 5-6 times with one hand, then with the other, then, with both). Video 19

Lying on your stomach over one or two pillows: lift legs and arms at the same time, keep them parallel to the ground for 5-6" (be careful not to arch your back). Video 20

Lying on your back: lift your legs up and pedal forward (then in reverse) (20"). Video 21

Keep your balance on the tip of one foot while twisting left and right to the rhythm of music for as long as you can. Count the time. Change foot. (20" per foot). Video 22

Keep your balance while staying on the tip of both feet for as long as you can. Count the time. Video 23

Step up and step down, one foot at a time (1 min.). Video 24

On your hands and knees: do "cat arches" rounding your back towards the ceiling (hold 3-4 seconds, repeat 5-6 times).  Video 25

Move around on all fours (forward, backward, sideways). (30"). Video 26

Run in place for 5 min. Repeat 4 times doing other exercises between each time. Video 27

Jump in place, first on one foot, then on the other, then with both. (30 seconds each time).  Video 28

Jump forward, backward, right and left (on one foot at a time then on both without losing your balance (use your arms for balance).  Video 29

Run in place with knees high, first slowly and then increasing speed, without losing balance. (30"). Video 30

Run in place, kicking back, starting slow and increasing speed, without losing your balance. (45"). Video 31

Alternate running in place with knees high with  kicking back, without losing pace and coordination. (45"). Video 32