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A - Simple coordination, posture and balance exercises:

Drop a handkerchief (or sock) on the ground: right, one leg outstretched and the other raised, flex the torso forward (slowly), pick up the handkerchief and return to the starting position: repeat 2-3 times (without losing your balance). Video 13

Starting from standing, without resting hands on the ground, alternate the postures: kneeling, then sitting and, finally, lying down (supine, belly high, or prone, belly on the ground) (repeat 2-3 times). Video 14

From standing up and lowering on one foot: repeat 5-6 times with one foot and 5-6 times with the other. Video 15

From standing stand up and lower yourself at the same time on two feet: repeat 8-10 times. Video 16

Walk forward along a line (without losing balance); same thing backwards. Video 17

Walk forward with closed eyes trying to follow a line, therefore, check; same thing backwards. Video 18

Place your hands against the wall and push "as if to try to move it": repeat 5-6 times with one hand, then with the other, then, with both). Video 19

Prone, belly on a pillow, better two: lift the legs and arms at the same time and keep the position parallel to the ground for 5-6" (important not to arch your back). Video 20

Back to the ground: lift your legs and "pedal" forward (then backwards) (20"). Video 21

Keep your balance on the tip of a foot while moving to the rhythm of music: count time. Repeat the other foot on the other foot. (20" per foot). Video 22

Keep your balance by staying on the tip of both feet: count the time. Video 23

Climb and go down one step, resting one foot only at a time (60 degrees). Video 24

In support on the hands and knees: do "the hump" like cats (hold 3-4 seconds, repeat 5-6 times). Video 25

Move through space on "fours" (forward, backward, sideways). (30"). Video 26

Run on the spot. 4 times with intervals of other exercises, every 5 minutes). Video 27

Jump on the spot on one foot, on the other, at the foot of the equal foot. (30" each time). Video 28

Jump forward, backward, right and left (on one foot and foot: without losing balance (balance with arms). Video 29

Run on the spot at high knees (skip), first slowly and then increasing speed, without losing balance. (30"). Video 30

Race on the spot kicked behind, first slowly and then increasing speed, without losing balance. (45"). Video 31

Alternate run on the spot to high knees and kick back, without losing the executive pace and coordination. (45"). Video 32

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